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Kacie COPE Interiors

I get it. Hiring an interior designer seems like a luxury. A luxury reserved for people who live in those top tax brackets. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m the gal who can save you time and money without compromising style.

There are exactly 23,689 lamp selections on Wayfair (legit— fact check it). Why spend the time scrolling through them when you could be with your family, on a trip, or having wine with your girlfriends? Life is so much bigger than a lamp— but the right one does make a difference.

And coupon codes. They are amazing. But have you tried copying 4 of them and every one is expired? Yeah, that’s fun. I will send you verified codes to save you money on your purchases. She’ll also make sure you purchase the right sofa, the first time. So you aren’t stuck hating the choice you made and trying desperately to sell it on Facebook Marketplace at half the price to some college kid who is just going to…. fill in the blank….all over it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Meet Kacie…

My mother, whose self-proclaimed therapy is shopping, taught me how to spot the best deals, how to mix high and low, and how to make every day just a little more beautiful.

After purchasing my first home in 2015, I tore it house down to the studs and built it back up again (with the help of Facetime calls to my dad and YouTube). The house became my canvas, and when I ran out of rooms to decorate, began helping family and friends.

I love decorating for clients on a budget— and some of my favorite projects have been for teachers, receptionists, and non-profit employees who all wanted serious style but didn’t want to sacrifice their summer vacations for a living room. I made it possible for them to enjoy both.

In my free time, I enjoy memorizing rap lyrics, catching up on Real Housewives, visiting Mexico, and talking to my 88 year old Nunie (grandma) on the phone. It’s a glamorous life.

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